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Since day one, we’ve been working with industry leaders in every genre and format, and pride ourselves on the professional, thorough, and, most importantly, creative services we offer.

We welcome work from all sectors and will work around the clock to offer our writing services which include novel to screenplay adaptations, speculative screenplays and teleplays, screenplay coverage reports, and produce cutting-edge video content that is engaging, original and dynamic. Take a look at our showreel to learn more about what we can do for you and get in touch today so we can start collaborating.

Dark Covenant  - Sci-Fi Horror Short Film - 10th Legion Pictures
10th Legion Pictures

Dark Covenant - Sci-Fi Horror Short Film - 10th Legion Pictures

An alien virus decimates humanity, leaving many adults dead, or worse, in a zombie-like state. Manipulated and unleashed by the world’s elite and powerful, societies and economies came crashing down. However, children under the age of sixteen were not infected. While scratching a living off the land, a momentary mistake infects a robotics engineer. Now, fearful of what he might become, he sends his two young children on a journey to the west towards a rumored sanctuary, free of the virus. On their own, the children barely survive in the wilderness, on the run from infected humans, and worse, alien abominations sent to root out the remnants of humanity. ================================================================================= North Carolina based Veteran owned independent film production company - Contact us for your film, videography, commercial, and screenwriting needs. Subscribe to get the latest news, video updates, behind the scenes clips, and of course, the episodes. Get behind-the-scenes look at our production process, making-of videos, and the finished films. Dark Covenant - Sci-Fi Horror Free Short Film Web-series -10th Legion Pictures Production ================================================================================= Writer/Director/Producer: Michael Droberg Producer: Jason Stagnitto About us: #10thlegionpictures
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